Madly in Love Monday

In my High School Biology class we studied human behavioral patterns and my teacher mentioned that there was evidence that it was very healthy for a child to see their father pat their mother on the behind.

Okay, first of all you need to understand that a classroom filled with sophomores and juniors did not want to think about their parents in such a light so there was a lot of "eews" and sticking out of tongues.

The point though was twofold, 1. that children could see that the same hand that popped them on the bottom for correction was also used out of love and affection and 2.  so that kids could see that their parents have a physical attraction toward each other.

I guess it meant hope for all of us teenagers at the time that even when your old (like 25) you could still be twitterpated.  But more than that, it gives kids stability and security knowing that their parents don't just love each other but that they like each other - that out of all the people in the world, they choose to be with each other.

Our friends the Canadians (don't be confused, they are still friends of ours in England they just happen to be Canadian) were like that - all twitterpated and stuff.  Not giggly young love type twitterpated (although they did have that too) but the comfortable pat on the bottom or deep come hither look grown up type twitterpated.  They were high school sweethearts and overcame many obstacles - like moving to a different country as newlyweds - together.  They have a really comfortable but passionate relationship; isn't that what every marriage wants to grow to be, comfortable yet passionate?

Their kiddos know that their parents are madly in love with each other.  Their friends know they are madly in love with each other.  The whole world knows that they are madly in love with each other and that is a blessing.

As a side note, Diva and Canadian Boy had already decided long ago (when they were three) that they would be wed one day.  And even though they are several thousand miles apart, they still say that they are true to their beloveds.  Is that not the sweetest thing in the world?  In no way am I trying to arrange a marriage for Diva but when she becomes a teenager I'm thinking a long distance relationship will be ideal.  ;)

With love to you Pammenters!