Madly in Love Monday

Engineer and I like being involved in the community and as we are both musicians, it stands to reason that if there is a community music group, we would want to be a part of it. 

Shortly after we moved to the J.O.E., I called the library and asked what kinds of local organizations were around.  When they said there was a town band I thought that it was such a quaint notion that Engineer had to be involved in it. 

Next, I called the contact number and got a hold of the Bandmaster.  That was a fun conversation between someone who recently came to town with a deep East Texan accent and someone who had a very broad Devonshire accent (think Hagrid from the Harry Potter movies); we could hardly understand each other.  I don't remember exactly what was said but it probably was something like:

Bandman:  "'ello"

Pary:  "Howdy, mah name is Pary and mah huzbund Engineer and Ah have resintly moved to Tiverton.  I wuz told bah the library that you conduct a town band and Ah was wondrin if you could give me sum infermation ohn it." 

Bandman:  "Rah-it.  How'd'ye end up 'ere then?  Ay-e am noht th'conduct'r Ay-e am th' bahndmast'r of th' Tiv'r't'n tow-oon bahnd."

And so it went on like this with lots of "pardon?"s and "sorry?"s. 

The bandmaster and his wife became some of our dear friends and with their help, we actually had the whole of the Tiverton Town Band over for a Texas tour in 2005. 

What does this have to do with Madly in Love Monday you say?  I'll tell you - Bandmaster & Mrs. Bandmaster are madly in love. 

They radiate love, affection, and playfulness; they are a joy to be around.  He is quite gregarious and she is very demure and together they make a great team. 

Have you ever been around couples that seem to pull in different directions?  Well Mr. & Mrs. Bandmaster very clearly pull together in one direction.  They are a very pastoral couple in that they take care of everyone around them.  It puts a smile on my face just thinking about them.

It is so important for young couples to have positive role models in couples who have been married for a while; Engineer and I were and still are very blessed indeed that we have so many good examples of married folks in our lives. 

And are especially blessed that they came into our lives when we were still newlyweds so that we had a good pattern in front of us. 

With much love we thank you Pillivants for being great friends and role models for us and everyone you meet.