Madly in Love Monday

This week, Diva's English Godparents are coming in for a visit and so in their honour (see what I did there with the "u" - what attention to detail), I thought this month's posts should reflect some of our experiences in J.O.E. 

One of our first couple friends that we made in J.O.E. are so very dear to us.  Mrs. Pads and I probably kept some Guatemalan village economically stable with all of the Fair Trade coffee we have shared over the years.  

She and I were pregnant at the same time with Diva & Tinker Pads, respectively.  The girlies grew up like sisters (Diva took on Tinker's older brother like he was her own) and are the best of friends. 

Mr. Pads is a builder and a very good one at that, so he and Engineer got along famously.   They liked building strange contraptions that kept cats out of the yard or made margaritas.  Maybe they should have consolidated their ideas and made one machine that kept cats away and made margs.
Mr. & Mrs. are the poster couple for Madly in Love Monday.  Mr. Pads bought Mrs. Pads flowers every week and had done since they started dating.  Mrs. Pads is exceedingly protective of their time together. 

It is a great encouragement to see couples who have been married for years that still have that I-Just-Want-To-Be-Near-You-ness about them.  When they look at each other it is with such affection. 

They understand that marriage is not necessarily 50/50 sometimes it's 40/60 or 10/90 but that most of the time it is somewhere in between.  They knew each other well enough to "get on with it" and do whatever needed to be done.  Even though the whole family was involved in various activities, Mr. & Mrs. were fiercely protective of their time together as a couple and as a family which shows their commitment to each other and to their kiddos. 

The strength of their marriage was always such a blessing to Engineer and I. 

With much love to you all Padfield Family!