Wonderful Wednesday #9 - Mrs. Salmi

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First of all, I would like to congratulate Kathleen as she is the winner of the dinner for two at Catfish Express!  If you will send me an e-mail with your address on it, I will send you the card.
Now, on to other wonderful things...
A saying that really bugs me is "Those that can do and those that can't teach."  How ridiculous!  I know many teachers that both "do" and "teach" very well.  One of those very capable teachers is Diva's piano teacher.  Mrs. Salmi is amazing. 
From strictly a Household Manager's point of view, I am really thankful that she is so communicative with me as a parent.  She is highly organized (again, something I really appreciate) and has such a soothing nature.  When she speaks, it's almost like purring - truly. 
From a musician's point of view, I value that she nurtures a deep love of and appreciation for music in her students.  Many of whom go on to be music majors in college and certainly all continue to play and/or enjoy music the rest of their lives. 
But from a Mom's view, I love that she brings the absolute best in her students.  Rarely is there a teacher that develops such a relationship and trust between themselves and their students like she has with hers.  Diva adores her and enjoys lessons and practicing; how many parents can say that about their kiddos?!
Of course it doesn't hurt that Mrs. Salmi is also the one who brought us Mrs. Salmi's Cookies.  :)


  1. Congratulations to Kathleen! I just wanted to pass along that today is customer appreciation at the Marshall Kroger. They are giving away hot dogs, popcorn and Kroger colas in the deli.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing that! I'm sorry that I didn't get a chance to moderate the comments earlier! I hope you enjoyed your hot dog. :)


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