Wonderful Wednesday #7 - Trees

We are so blessed here in the Piney Woods to be totally surrounded by beautiful trees.  I know that may seem a strange topic for a blog post but it is true.  When I would drive home from college on the weekends I would drive the back roads about half of the three hour journey.  It was at that halfway point that the landscape became different and you could smell the pine coming through the air conditioner.  When I go for early morning walks, that smell of pine mixed with other gorgeous scents (honeysuckle, wisteria, magnolia, depends what's flowering, along with that fresh dewy smell of morning) will make one drunk with the heady perfume.  Right now we have beautiful white and pink Dogwoods blooming all over our neighborhood.  They are Easter trees since someone told me in my childhood that the red tips on the four petals were representative of the wounds in Christ's hands and feet.  So if you are reading this and you live in East Texas - forget the roses, stop and smell the pine trees.  :)