Wonderful Wednesday #10 - Fabulous Finds

She had me at fabulous.

While Mom & I were out shopping Thursday, she thought we should run into this shop that neither of us had ever been in before. It had such a neat mural on the wall and looked right up our alley. It was called Fabulous Finds and says that it is an "upscale home furnishings consignment shop." Yep, right up our alley.

We walked into the store and were instantly greeted by a friendly voice saying "Y'all come on in!" Mom & I were transformed into little girls going "ooh I like this" and "whoa look at that" from the moment we stepped over the threshold. One would imagine with the quality of goods in the store and the statement of an "upscale" consignment shop that the prices would not be in this frugalista's budget; but one would imagine wrongly. The prices are incredibly reasonable and I am besotted with an antique mirror in one of the side rooms...

Now why would I feature a shop that is only a few years old that I have only visited once on Wonderful Wednesday? Well y'all, it's the lady behind the fabulosity. Vicki Melton, the owner is a fabulous find herself. She is the kind of lady that you could sit down over a pot of coffee and gab with forever...or at least until the coffee ran out. She was so inviting and after talking with her for a little while, we found out that she is a nurse and wanted to have the shop for two reasons: to pay her insurance premiums and to have fun. She has managed both. :) Mrs. Melton said she woke up every day and thanked God for the man she is married to and for the opportunity to meet the people that she does through the shop. To me that's a powerful statement.  So many people don't like their jobs or start a business and are so stressed out by it so they can't find the joy in what they do. It is refreshing to see someone enjoy their work as much as she does. Mrs. Vicki said that she has people come through all the time just to say hi and see what she has new in shop. There was no pressure to buy anything although if she would have parted with her metal "fabulous" sign I would have come home with that baby.

We chatted about how both of our lives have been set into motion by a series of "happy accidents" (that's what Engineer & I call them) and I almost invited her dinner she seemed so familiar after 10 minutes of conversation. I love people like that! Besides, she said that she loved the word "fabulous" - I'm telling you, we are kindred spirits.

So, I told her about y'all and she said that if any of my readers come into her shop and let her know that you heard about her through Pary Moppins, she will take $5 off your purchase until the end of May. How cool is that!

So go and see Mrs. Vicki at Fabulous Finds located on 421 N. High Street in Longview, TX (behind where the old baskin Robbins was across the street from Hunan's for you locals) and tell her Pary Moppins sent you.