What's Cooking?

This week has been crazy with diversions but I still managed to bang out a few extras in the culinary department for use later.
These are Mrs. Salmi's Cookies and they are awesome - so tasty, versatile, and simple:

I needed to use up some leftover ham and some dried peas I found lurking in the back of a cupboard so I made a pot of Black Eyed Peas:


  1. I have about five pounds of red beans in the slow cooker. Going to whip up some refried beans to keep in the freezer. (much chaper than canned) I also made around three dozen waffels this morning. Half were gluten free~the other regular. (for the freezer too)
    If my HUGE pork tenderloin will ever thaw, it will go in the other slow cooker. The plan for it is~ roast w/veges, BBQ pork, cuban sandwiches, fried rice.

  2. Thanks for letting us know what your household is eating. Your menu sounds wonderful! I am not a pork fan however, I do love me some Cuban sandwiches! Then again, if you put enough cheese, pickles, and mustard on something, anything will taste good to me. :)


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