What's Cooking?

What's cooking?  Well, not that much of any note actually since I am done making breakfast for Diva's teachers.  I made some Cranberry Orange Muffins (don't get too excited, it was a mix.)  And I have to say, I was disappointed in the mix.  It was a unwanted gift from someone and I know she won't mind me saying this.  The price tag was still on it and it was $10.50 and made 9 smallish muffins!  That's over $1 a muffin!  Good grief!  I much prefer homemade which would be $.25ish a muffin or even a regular mix which is mere pennies a muffin once you get the mix free.  Who pays $10.50 for a muffin mix?!  A mediocre muffin mix at that?!  Oh my goodness...
You saw the pizza from last night, in case you didn't, here it is again in all it's scrumptious glory.
And today there was a little biscuit love going on since I have so many from all of the Pillsbury sales.  I tried the Pioneer Woman's Monkey Muffins

Ohmygoshmrurblemurbel...uh, sorry, that was me trying to speak with my mouth full of goodness like you wouldn't believe!!!  If I could melt and become one with these muffins I would. I'm glad we went for a walk this morning so I can feel slightly justified in my oozysticky wanton lust for this muffin and subsequent eating of...1...2...let's just say some.  Could you resist this sort of temptation?  I didn't think so.  Some things I did differently are that I put pecans in the bottom of the muffin tin as well as poured a teaspoon of maraschino cherry juice over each little biscuit clover.  I topped them off with a cherry and I had no condensed milk although that might have put me in a coma from the decadence.  So here's what the finished product looked like.