Shout Out to CVS Pharmacy

A good friend has asked me to pass along the praises of CVS to a wider audience:
"C in the pharmacy at CVS came to my rescue this morning! I was hurting from a migraine and went by there to pick up my prescription at 8am. It was a refill so it was not ready, but seeing that I was obviously in need - she GAVE me one and said I could come back later to get the full prescription. Now I am much better and soooo grateful!

I think she needs props on your blog!"
I just want to point out a couple of things:  a. my friend still had to pay for the meds b. the one that was given to her came out of her prescription number so she was not given one extra.  Just needed to clarify that before people think that CVS is passing out prescriptions like candy. 

My friend said that so often people only complain and thought that the kindness and mercy of the pharmacist needed to be pointed out as well.  Agreed.  In fact, blog post in the future about that very subject.