Quiet on the Home(page) Front

No I have not forgotten to post menu ideas for the sales or what I've been cooking. Yesterday I spent the day with my Momma which was lovely. We live about 6 houses apart and see each other just about every day yet we don't get to spend the day doing girlie things like shopping very often.
And don't think I forgot about you. Everywhere we went it seemed I was handing out cards and talking to interesting people in interesting places and thinking to myself all the while - I should put that in the blog. (This coming Wonderful Wednesday will talk about one such encounter.)
As for what is cooking this week, nothing out of the ordinary that I would like for you to see. As it is, I can choose to only show and tell triumphs and not to show or tell about failures (like the uh...hem....sourdough bread...)
I have made a discovery however that I would like to share with you. The CVS brand Oreo-esque cookies that they sold at Christmas are awesome!!!! They are peppermint flavored but not that putrid green vile tasting filling of the grasshopper flavor but beautifully red glinted white cream that tastes of peppermint bark. You know I have a cookie problem but what you don't know is that I love peppermint bark as well. One Christmas a friend a I made pounds of it for gifts and I made myself ill by eating so much. Yet, I go back for more every Christmas - even being sick is no deterrent for me and my cookie/candy addiction issue. Anyhow, back to these CVS gems, they took two of my favorite things and slammed them in one perfect package. I bought them after Christmas when they went 90% off intending to make Oreo truffles with them and finally today that became a reality. They are not pretty by any means but who really cares when you have chocolate cookies and peppermint bark dipped in Lindt chocolate are you really paying that much attention to the aesthetics? I didn't think so.
Just thought I would let you know that menu ideas are on the way and remind you the coupon class is tomorrow 9am, Cumberland Presbyterian in Marshall. Who knows, I might even bring some truffles to share...