Menu Ideas 4/21-4/27

This week I did the menu ideas a little differently. Usually I just look at what’s on sale and type out whatever comes to mind first – a sort of stream-of-consciousness menu plan. This week had so many fabulous deals between Brookshire’s and Kroger that I decided to take a slightly different route; I think you could feed a family of 4 for a week for $60 (after coupons and sales and buying a meal deal at both stores). I set that as my goal and here’s what I came up with:

Sunday Breakfast – Make Ahead French Toast ($3)

Lunch – 4 lb. Rump Roast w/Potatoes & Carrots ($10.96)

Dinner – Totinos Party Pizzas & Cucumber Sticks ($2.55)

Monday Breakfast – Fruit Cup & Yogurt ($1.65)

Lunch – Chicken Noodle Soup ($2)

Dinner – Fajita Meat w/ Tortillas & Shredded Lettuce & Spanish Rice-a-Roni ($8.66)

Tuesday Breakfast – Hash browns (Ore Ida $1.50)

Lunch – Hormel Lunchmeat Sandwiches & Cucumber Sticks ($1.95)

Dinner – Spinach Fettuccini Alfredo and Salad ($2)

Wednesday Breakfast – Blackberry Smoothies made with Almond Milk ($2.24)

Lunch – Smart Ones ($2)

Dinner – Tuna Helper & Cabbage ($2.25)

Thursday Breakfast – Toast w/Sausage Gravy ($1)

Lunch – Micro Cup Chili w/Tortilla Chips ($2)

Dinner – 2lbs. Chicken Thighs & Frozen Veggies ($2.48)

Friday Breakfast – Pineapple & Cottage Cheese ($2.98)

Lunch – Bologna & Lettuce Sandwiches & Cocktail Tomatoes ($3)

Dinner – Baked Potatoes & Veggie Sticks ($2.50)

Saturday Breakfast – Pear Compote & Cinnamon Toast ($2)

Lunch – Hot Dogs & Potato Salad ($1.50)

Dinner - Spaghetti Pie & Salad ($3)

Total Breakfasts: $14.37    Total Lunches: $23.41    Total Dinners: $23.44    Total: $61.22
That's pretty close to $60.  I realize that if your family is happy with bologna sandwiches all week then the cost goes down quite a bit.  Also, if you stick to the two meal deals with 6 meals between them (fajita nachos or salad, fajitas, tacos, hamburgers, sloppy joes, and hamburger helper) then you could probably get by with feeding a family of 4 for about $22 but you would still need to supplement fruit & veg.  All in all, not a bad week for quick easy meals.