Madly in Love Monday

We are expecting out of town guests next week.  These aren't just any guests, these are Diva's godparents and were our family while we lived in J.O.E. (that's jolly olde England.)

So my normally manic scrubbing everything down with toothbrushes and getting into crevices with toothpicks has been amped up a notch or two.

Every time we have guests, I just want everything to be just right and try to be a good hostess- sometimes at the expense of me being a good mom or wife.  Engineer knows this.  He has dealt with this phenomenon for a long time now and loves me anyway.

I am so madly in love this Monday because in spite of my slight obsession with having everything "just so" for when they arrive, Engineer brings a one-two punch of reality ("They love us and don't care what our house looks like; they're not here to see the house") and indulgence of my craziness helpfulness ("What can I do for you?")

Engineer is a smart man - he is an engineer after all - and has figured out it is smoother for everyone if he just rides out the pre-company production.

So thank you EM for being so helpful when I really need you. 

1-4-3 EM.