Madly in Love Monday

There are so many things about Engineer that I am mad about but one of the most important is that he worries. 

My Maw-maw, who was half of perhaps the most madly in love couple of all time, used to say that there was no sense in both her and my Paw-paw worrying about things. 
What wisdom.

I'm not saying that worrying is a virtue, I'm simply saying that I know he is on top of affairs because he is the one worrying and doesn't mean for it to trickle down to Diva & me. 

You see, if both Engineer and myself are "balled up in a knot" about something the whole household suffers and stress levels skyrocket.  Maw-maw was right; there is no need in both of us being worried about the same thing.  That leaves me free to try and keep a peaceful home for Engineer so he can decompress.

He doesn't need reminding that there is something to worry about. 
He doesn't need me nagging him about how to fix the problem. 
He doesn't need me to offer my two cents on what to do (unless he asks). 

What he does need, is a stability that I can provide for him - supper, a tidy home, clean clothes, and staying within my budget.

Engineer takes his role as the head of our household seriously and I really appreciate that. 

He carries the stress so we don't have worrying gives you wrinkles. ;)

1-4-3 EM!