What's Cooking?

*Well, that's my dinner sorted...Mmmmmmmmmmmm

No teachers to cook for since it is Spring Break but I was able to make a few foods for the freezer from some of the easiest recipes on earth:

Black Beans
Banana Bread
Biscotti from Life as Mom
Butterscotch Bars from Heavenly Homemakers - next time I will add some peanut butter chips

Apparently it was rhapsody on the theme of "B" for freezer cooking.  :)

I also made some corny dog muffins (using up some cornbread mix along with some Little Smokies that I got on sale.)

By far the most involved (and I use the term rather loosely) item on the list was the biscotti...was it worth it.  Ooooooh yeah.....  :)