What a Difference a Day (or Two) Makes!

My previous post was scheduled to be published this morning.  Those photos were taken a couple of days ago.  These photos are from today. 

I was awakened by a cuddly diminutive Diva jumping into bed with me saying "It's snowing outside!"  These are real time photos.  :)  Did someone forget that this is March?!  And that yesterday was the first official day of spring?!  And that we are supposed to be out preparing our gardens for planting in two weeks?!  And, oh, I don't know...it's TEXAS!!! 

There are little Texanitos & Texanitas all over East Texas rejoicing and hoping it snows and sticks enough for a snow day tomorrow.  ;)

Yes, I am that Momma who lets her child go play in the snow in her pjs. 
Don't you love Engineer's toboggan?  ;)  They were very proud of their snowman they built before getting ready for church.