Madly in Love Monday

I so appreciate Engineer having such a heart for my our family. 

EM has been spending time over the last couple of weeks spackling, masking off, and painting for my parents.  (EM despises painting I might add.) 

In between times he also has changed out curtain rods, fixed bed frames, changed light bulbs, sorted out magnetic closings on cabinets, installed ceiling fans, or any other number of other odd jobs for them. 

Firstly, the fact that he doesn't mind spending time with or doing tasks for my folks is a blessing in itself.  But more importantly, he does that for Diva and me. 

My Dad says that we should all be in a "blessable place" - meaning, we should walk righteously (not piously) so that when blessings come our way we can recognize and receive them.  For Engineer to take time away from the things he wants to do on his precious little time off and to instead please my parents, keeps not only him but the whole Moppins household in a "blessable place." 

My heart swells when I see him with paint flecks in his hair and sweat pouring from his temples wielding a paint brush like a pro.  :)

Thank you EM for keeping us all in a blessable place.  1-4-3