Madly in Love Monday

There is a lovely couple in our church who have been married in excess of 60 years.  They toddle in holding each other for support and then after finding their seat, sit holding hands throughout the service.

I want EM & I to be those people. 

According to Divorce Magazine (no I'm not making that up, it is a real magazine) 49% of marriages in the US end in divorce and the average duration of a first marriage is around 8 years.

This week we are celebrating our 11th anniversary (so we kicked 8's tail woo hoo!), which seems amazing to me.  Not because it has been a long arduous haul through thick and thin but because it hasn't.

I know there were rough times (although they seem blurry now) and we still occasionally fight argue butt heads disagree, but it is very short lived and usually ends with so anyway, what's for supper?

I can't imagine life without EM and when I try, I feel empty. 

So maybe we are those people. 

We don't need to hold on to each other physically for support - even though sometimes maybe we do need that - but we do hold onto each other emotionally and spiritually. 

I would go so far as to say cling; we cling to each other for support...and sit hand in hand in the pew on Sundays.

Happy anniversary EM 1-4-3.