Wonderful Wednesday #1 - My Friend's House

My Friend's House (that's the charity, not actually one of my friend's houses even though the people who run it are my friends...this is too confusing...let's start over.)

There is a local non-profit organization that you may or may not have heard of called My Friend's House.  David & Carolyn Snow run a wonderful operation where they provide counseling, an Ebay consignment service where the MFH 1/2 of the proceeds goes to keep the charity running, a resale shop, a place to order Angel Food, and they provide dinner for the needy. 

Because of their close proximity to the county jail, they also have a prison and prison family member ministry.   On top of that, I have never known them to ever turn away a person in need - whatever that need might be. 

It is a blessing to meet people with such a heart to serve the people in their community.  The Snows are such lovely, compassionate, and humble folks and you feel like they would give you a cup of coffee, the shirt off their back, or a big hug - whatever the ascertained you needed at that moment.  (By the way Mrs. Carolyn, my needs will always be met with a cup of coffee.)  :) 

Because My Friend's House is a charity, all donations are tax deductable.  I called earlier and asked what kind of items do they like to be donated so here's the list:  kids' clothes, blankets, cleaning supplies, paper towels, toilet paper, food donations, money, and the number one item on her list - a mop bucket.  So if you are planning on doing some spring cleaning anyway, please consider taking your unwanted items down to My Friend's House. 

I talked to Mrs. Carolyn and said I would like to write a little something about My Friend's House.  I also asked her if there was anything in particular that she wanted me to let you know.  She answered, "we just take stuff and put it where it does the most good."  You can't get more practical than that.

If you would like to contact or donate to My Friend's House please write to atmyfriendshouse@gmail.com or call (903)938-1918.