What's Better Than Cupcakes for Breakfast? Chocolate Cupcakes for Breakfast!

These, my dears, are what the teachers at Diva's school will be having for breakfast.  "Chocolate cupcakes?!" you say.  Oh, but not just any chocolate cupcakes.  These babies are healthified made with no oil or eggs but with pureed pumpkin instead.  So go ahead teachers, eat two or three.  We just won't mention the cream cheese icing...

While we are looking at ways to hide veggies...

Yesterday was TREMEEEHNNNDOUS THUUUUUUUUUHSDAY (said in a British accent but with all the excitement of a monster truck rally announcer) we had 3/4 of the Healthy Family over for brownies after our weekly library visit. 

The Healthies are just that - super healthy - and Healthy Mom is a whiz at hiding veggies.  I thought it might be nice to make a nod toward her way of doing things and thus the spinach brownie was created.  I just blended drained frozen spinach with the rest of the wet ingredients and voila!  No one is the wiser...but they are the healthier.  :)
I like Heavenly Homemakers post about healthy desserts for breakfast; I think even Healthy Mom would approve of these.