Perfectly Practical #1 - Have Peace

Practicality = Peace vs. Impracticality = Unrest

For example, if I have a budget and stick to it then there is peace.  Meaning that all bills get paid, all extras are covered, all savings contributions are accounted for, etc.

If I buy something completely unplanned (like a few pairs of fabulous shoes), something has to give and our agreed plans for our immediate financial future have to change because of my impracticality.

That in turn means that Engineer Moppins is upset with me because I didn't do what he ask of me - to stay within my budget.

Now there's a kink in our relationship and that in turn affects Diva Moppins and how we react to her during that time of unrest.  Do you see where this is going?

This unrest is a lot easier to trace than the Butterfly Effect.

Being at peace has so many benefits mentally, physically, and spiritually.  We at the Little Pink House strive for this peace - not at all to say we are a calm household - but we are peaceful one...and there is difference.

This is part of Works for Me Wednesday.