Menu Ideas for Sales 2/24-3/2

Here are some menu ideas using the best deals from Brookshire's and Kroger:

Breakfasts: Coffee or Sunny D or Milk
Cereal or Cereal Bars
Pineapple Slices or Mango Chunks

Lunches: Lunchables
Tuna w/ Pasta Roni

Suppers: Roast, Rice, & Gravy & Steamed Carrots
Chicken Jambalaya
Beans & Rice
Pinto Beans & Cornbread (3/$1 at Brookshire’s)
Carnitas (with leftover roast), Refried beans (with leftover pintos), & Mexican Rice a Roni
Chili Dogs
Chicken, Broccoli (with frozen broccoli), and Rice Casserole & Artichokes
Chicken & Rice Soup

What yummy delights do you see?