Madly in Love Monday

I adore Engineer Moppins.

He and I have been married almost 11 years now - that's 4000 days to be exact - and of those 4000 days, there have been maybe 30 where EM has not told me that I'm beautiful. 

Those 30 were days that we were apart for some reason (business trips, etc.) not because I looked like an extra from Dawn of the Dead.

In fact, EM often picks the most ridiculous times to say how beautiful I am.
When I look like a drowned rat straight from the shower.
When I first wake up, have medusa hair and no coffee in my veins (folks, this is a truly terrifying sight.)
When I have been sick all night and am curled up on the floor of the bathroom.
When I come back from walking the dogs smelling of sweat and poo.

In the past, it was easy for me to blow these compliments off or think he was being sarcastic.  After playing the you-have-to-say-that-because-you're-my-husband card many times I realized that I was just plain being rude.

Diva Moppins' very first etiquette class taught her how to give and receive compliments.  If I am to lead by example and model good behavior for her then how can I shrug off a compliment given to me by the person I am supposed to trust most?

Finally it began to sink in that EM tells me that I'm beautiful when I feel the least beautiful; therefore, letting me know that no matter what, I am the apple of his eye.

It is easy for someone to compliment you when you're all gussied up; it's when you literally look like what the dogs dragged in that the power of that statement is felt.

1-4-3 EM


  1. Awww! Your husband needs to give mine some pointers! Most husbands feel this way about their wives, I think, but it is the truly wise husband that opens his mouth and let's us know. Bless!

    1. I agree, he is wise...and patient to let me brush off his compliments for so long before realizing that his feelings are valid. :) Thanks for stopping by Ms. Katie!

  2. What a sweetheart of a hubby you have! I wish for the same! :)

    1. He is indeed. Your Prince Charming is out there Ms. Natasha. :)


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