Cat(alina) Call

You are about to check out and in your mind you have calculated very carefully exactly how many products you need to purchase in order to receive a catalina.  Giddy with anticipation of an awesome deal that will pay you to take products out of the store, you are only met with utter frustration, and let's face it, powerlessness that comes along with not receiving that catalina. 

The checker says it's not her problem it didn't have ink or paper or just didn't print.  Customer service (or even sometimes a manager) also explains that they have nothing to do with the catalina machines ergo, it's not their problem.  You leave the store discouraged and annoyed and debate whether or not to return all of the items on the spot. 

Well let me tell you ladies, there is light at the end of this convoluted tunnel.  I called the catalina company yesterday and recounted my latest trip that didn't print the $9 in catalinas that it should have.  (Now some might think "what's $9?!"  WHAT'S $9!!!  Only 20% of my total bill; it is a big deal when you are on a very tight grocery budget.)  The lovely Carla sorted it out for me and I should be receiving my $9 in the mail soon.  Yea!

Here is what you do: 

1. Call 1-888-826-8766 or e-mail at

2.  Have your receipt and/or store card ready. 

I think it would be beneficial to mention the store (if they don't ask) if you have had problems before.  I told her that I had problems at this particular store many times and she said that she could see that as she was in their system right then. 

That's it!  It is simple but it took about 30 minutes so make sure you have some time before you start  the process.  Good luck!