Friday, November 18, 2011

What a Few Bucks

Total Retail:  $9.46
Total OOP:  $.46
Savings 95%


  1. HI!

    I was wondering if you (or any other couponers) had been having issues with cvs as of lately? I have personally noticed somewhat of a lack of support for couponing now. In some cases I even feel like Im being made to feel like Im stealing by how the transaction goes..... I heard that they had changed their.hours now and since I have never done the Black Friday shopping before Im just nervous about the whole thing. im questioning if it will even be worth it....any thoughts?

  2. Howdy Ms. Shae! Our CVS has joined several other stores, from what I understand, and has gone back to being a regular store instead of a 24hour store. The deals haven't been enough to really get me out and about lately so I cannot say that I have noticed any difference as far as that goes. I did feel like that though when I first started couponing (before EVERONE did it.) :) Did you see my post just for you? Black Friday is NOT worth a mental break down or fisticuffs by any means. The deals are great but if you don't NEED the items then it probably is better to just sleep in and enjoy your day off. :) Good luck in whatever you choose.

  3. Yes, I had seen the post about Black Friday, thank u so much for your help. I agree with what you have said about the Black Friday shopping for CVS. I think I will stay home and enjoy the extra sleep! :-)

  4. I'm thinking about doing that myself. :)


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