Friday, November 4, 2011

What A Few Bucks Will Get You

CVS & Walgreens
Total Retail:  $287.37 (no, I can't believe that total either!)
Total OOP:  $14.93
Savings:   94%
Got back 2 $10 CVS gcs and will send off for a rebate on the needle bin for $5.48


  1. I know it may be to early to begin discussing Black Fruday. But I was wondering how that works for CVS and Wags. This month is my one year mark for couponing and as such my first time couponing on that day. Any help you could give please? Thank you!

  2. Ms. Shae, it is absolutely the perfect time to start thinking about Black Friday. I will write up a little post about it soon. Congratulations on your one year couponiversary! (I'd love to hear how it has been for you.)

  3. oh my goodness, i totally spelled Friday wrong on my previous post. *face-palm* *sigh* Smartphones are out to foil me.
    Over the last year couponing has been a life-saver for me in so many ways. It's a time saver, and a stress-saver. More than once hurried, late for church, run out of shampoo moments have occurred and with a simple run to the coupon closet my problems have been solved and sanity has returned to the kingdom. (the cats are very thankful)

    My husband loves it because of being able to try different products, and he admits to being very spoiled with having new razors whenever he wants.
    Before I was couponing it was so stressful having to budget in certain things that were necessary, but still very expensive. But now, it's been such a blessing to have them on-hand, when I need them, and know that I paid either nothing for that item, or next to nothing for it.
    It's a wonderful resourceful idea to coupon (in any sort) we are to be keepers of the home, and good stewards of the finances that our husbands (and we) work so hard to earn. :-)

  4. What a wonderful testimony to the good that extremely realistic couponing can do. Thank you for sharing Ms. Shae.


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