Friday, September 23, 2011

What a Few Bucks Will Get You

Brookshire's, CVS, & Walgreens
Total Retail:  $243.20
Total OOP:  $13.44
Savings 94%


  1. just found you site, I'm from east Texas too...can't wait to try to get some of these deals from Brookshires too!

  2. Howdy Ms. Kim! I'm glad you found the site too. :) Good luck in your shopping adventures.

  3. LOL, did you have to burn some RRs at Wags? I can't see you buying so much boxed fruit otherwise. How much did your Finish come out to per box? I don't remember any deals except the buy $20 get $10 and I didn't think the Q lasted this long.

  4. Yes ma'am, if you ever see dried fruit pictured on its own, it is because it's the easiest and most useful way for me to burn RRs.This was actually a combined post for the past two weeks. So the Finish deal was just in date. :)


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