Friday, January 14, 2011

What a Few Bucks Will Get You...

All of those little packages are 100 ct. cotton swabs.  CVS had them marked down to $.25 a box and had hundreds of packages of them.  We were almost out, as in down to the last 3 swabs, so now we are set until the next deal rolls around.  :)

Can you tell who will be hosting a Superbowl party?

Kroger, CVS, Interstate Battery, Brookshire's, Michael's, & Walgreens
Total Retail $442.76
Total OOP:  $10.36
Savings 98%


  1. how did you score a deal . can you please break it down please. It will be a big help.I live in a small town and not many stores. we do have brookshires, cvs

  2. Thanks for dropping in! First of all, I should have a disclaimer that I roll my extra bucks/catalinas/rewards as much as possible to keep from paying much out of pocket.
    As for the deals, the best deals I scored this week were on tp and Special K/water and here's the situation:
    There is (was?) a Special K coupon for B1G1, this past week Brookshire's had a B1G1 for $.01 sale which happened to include Special K. That in itself was a great deal but when you add that to the fact that this month in the Brookshire's mag, if you buy 3 boxes of Special K, you get a FREE 24pk. of Food Club drinking water it becomes an awesome deal (4 boxes of cereal + 24pk. water = $.02!)
    The toilet paper was at CVS. If you buy $25 of certain products (inclusive of 18pk. Cottonelle) then you will receive $10ECBs. If you have received a $4/$20 or a $5/$30 lately, now would be the time to use it. Buy 3 in one transaction and 2 in another pay for them with ECBs and any Cottonelle coupons you may have printed lately and voila! Tp on the cheap! :)
    By the way, this week was highly unusual for me.


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