Saturday, December 4, 2010

What a Few Bucks Will Get You...

Total Shelf:  $160.76
Total OOP:  $34.51
Received $24RR + $27.99 in mail in rebates

I just want to show you that sometimes I am out actual cash because of not thinking a shopping trip through completely. 
I bought more than necessary for the P&G rebate because I was distracted AND I forgot my RRs from a previous transaction at home!!!!  Argh! 
So for those who get discouraged and think that you always seem to have to pay out of pocket or goof on transactions, here is proof positive that I do too.  :) 

Total Shelf:  $145.98
Total OOP:  $1.04 (that's more like it)
Received $43.98 ECBs

Total Retail:  $306.74
Total OOP:  $35.55
Savings 88%

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