Saturday, November 13, 2010

What a Few Bucks Will Get You...

I was feeling quite pleased with myself on how well I did at Walgreens until I came home to find that Truffles had gotten into the bag and a muffin mix and a 5lb. bag of flour were destroyed as evidenced by the dust and debris all over my den and kitchen.  All of that to say that I bought good stuff (some of which is now useless) and spent all of $.13 got $3 RR back as well as rebate forms for $25.98 but you won't get the picture of the stuff.  Sorry.

Total Retail:  $50.59
Total OOP:  $.50
Received $8 ECBs

Also, this week has been insane one.  Without going into detail, I have only set foot in my house for mere moments at a time which is why the blog (among other things) has been neglected.  Sorry about that.  I did manage to make it to Kroger several times as well as Brookshire's.  If you haven't gone to either store yet, it is an incredible week for stockpiling.  And today until 4pm at Kroger, you can get 2 pineapples for $.99 each, 2 Pilgrim's Pride chickens for $.49/lb., and 2 Bluebell either 1/23 gallons or 12ct. cups for $2.99.  Now if you use the Pilgrim's Pride coupon and Bluebell coupon you are talking about a great deal!

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