What a Few Bucks Will Get You...

Total Shelf Cost:  $44.90
Total OOP:  $.98
Received $14 RRs

Total Shelf Cost: $126.21
Total OOP: $1.52
Received $41.99 ECBs

Total Shelf Cost:  $171.11
Total OOP:  $2.50
Savings 99%

This isn't totally reflective of my totals for the week.  I did make another trip to Walgreens but I didn't want to take pictures of the 5 pair of panties I got for $.25 each!!!  In that same trip I got got a 3lb. bag of Mott's apples, a 9pk. of Hanes panties for Diva that were clearanced out, 2 cans of mixed nuts, a razor and lip gloss and paid $.20 for $27.71 worth of stuff. and received $7 RR.

By the way, has anyone taken advantage of the great sale at Brookshire's this week? 
I got an e-mail from a reader who said that she saved 66% at Brookshire's this week.  We all know that if you can save 50% or more on groceries anywhere then you are doing well but at Brookshire's that's considered a triumph!  Anyone else do that well?