What a Few Bucks Will Get You...

Total Shelf Cost:  $29.09
Total OOP:  $.09
Savings 99.9%


  1. do all the stores scream when you walk in? and does the first one you hit start calling the others to forewarn them? LOL are you having a coupon class? did i miss it?

  2. Hee hee hee...I have some folks that weep and wail and gnash their teeth but for the most part, they love seeing what I buy and how little I pay. In fact, a lot of cashiers (and some managers) will actually watch what I buy then go and put the same items behind the counter so they can buy them later. :) So all you folks that think it is me that clears out shelves, let me just say that it is not me most of the time (if there was only one left then okay, it was me) it was the cashiers!!!! :)
    I did have a coupon class last week and another one coming up on August 28th at Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Marshall at 9am. Anyone can come so maybe I'll see you there!


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