Thursday, July 29, 2010

What a Few Bucks Will Get You...

Total Retail:  $16.50
Total OOP:  $.16

Total Retail:  $20.66
Total OOP:  $2.75
(I only paid for the flour I had coupons for everything else)

Total Shelf Cost:  $37.16
Total OOP:  $2.91
Savings 93%


  1. Nice shopping! What store was this at?

  2. 3 x decaf coffees & erasers from Walgreens = $.06 (the coffees were marked down to $1.06 each and I had a $3.50 RR so I needed something to get the total barely over $3.50

    Dove candy bar from CVS = $0 CRT printed for $.79 off a Dove candy bar

    cat treats & yogurt from Brookshire's = $.10 (seems overpriced by comparison doesn't it?) :)

  3. So, the Fast Fixin chicken is on sale for sure this week? I looked in my Kroger flyer but couldn't find it. They have a great program where you mail in 10 UPC's and you get a coupon for a free bag (up to $7.99 value).

  4. Yes, the Fast Fixins Nuggets are $1 a bag. i did not know about the UPC program. Thanks for the info!

  5. I have an extra form, and I am going to the big rummage sale @ FMC in the morning, I will drop it by your class.

  6. Thanks! You know that garage sale is happening right now and they are letting you fill up a small bag for $5 or a big one for $20.


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