Thursday, April 29, 2010

What a Few Bucks Will Get You...

Brookshire's, CVS, & Walgreens
Total Retail:  $189.83
Total OOP:  $9.48
Got back $21 in RR 

CVS & Walgreens
Total Retail:  $94.43
Total OOP:  $14.41
Got back in $2 ECBs and $27 in RR

Total Retail:  $284.26
Total OOP:  $23.89
Saving of 92%


  1. Did you clean CVS out of the Wii accessories? I saw them the other day, and shame on me I bought them when they were 9.99! To think if I had just waited 4 months I could have gotten them for .49!

  2. Hi Michelle! No, I didn't clean them out of the Wii accesories. :) They had loads on Sunday but I was in the store yesterday (Wednesday) and they had none of the stuff that they had clearanced previously. Did you notice in the back of the second picture that little kid radio looking thing? That is an MP3 player by Discovery Kids and it was $2.99!!! Unbelievable what you can find on clearance! Thanks for commenting.


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